You’re Forced to Be Invited: The Happy Film Wedding

Prime Video’s film, Invite by force features irsten Bell as the protagonist. This movie shows a dysfunctional family forced to participate in a wedding with a lot of resentment and reluctantly.

On Prime Video, she will be seen in the hilarious comedy We are Invited. It is directed by Claire Scanlon. Based on Grant Ginder’s bestselling novel, it will be available on Prime Video starting November 18. The story centers on Alice and Paul, a sister and brother from a dysfunctional American family. They are invited, along with their mother to the English wedding for the half-sister that they have separated from.

This ceremony is a chance to be together as adults, and to learn to love one another as they used to. We know that there is no way to say and do the same thing without the sea: luxurious hotels, fine dining at the best restaurants, and a lavish reception on a country estate are all things that Alice and Paul have never loved.


As we all know, life presents situations where people who wouldn’t have liked to see one another are forced to remain together because of reasons of strength that go beyond their will. For example, this happens at weddings or funerals where you are forced to deal with people you once swore would never see again. This is the premise of the Prime Video film, We are invited by force, starring Kirsten, Allison Janney, and Ben Platt.

All it starts with Eloise (Cynthia AddaiRobinson), stepdaughter of Paul (Ben Platt), and Alice (Kirsten Bel), announcing that she is getting married in London, where she resides. Eloise was born to Donna Janney (Allison Janney), a first marriage to Frenchman Henrique. (Isaach De Bankole). She has everything Paul and Alice could ever want: an almost unlimited trust fund, beautiful looks, luxury lifestyle, and, above all, the unconditional mother love.

Alice, however, is well into her thirties and has a job that she doesn’t enjoy. She also has a predictable but amusing relationship with her husband boss. Paul, on the other hand, hasn’t spoken to his mom since his father’s death and has moved to Philadelphia to pursue his boyfriend (Karansoni), an athletics professor who is pursuing the idea of an open union.

Eloise invites them to her wedding. Eloise doesn’t know what she is in for when Alice and Paul arrive in London with nothing but good intentions. The girl also doesn’t know what her brother and sister feel about her. She soon discovers that the brothers are not trying to conceal their feelings towards her.


According to Ben Platt, We’re invited, Prime Video’s original movie, is “a comedy about a dysfunctional family.” Everyone is like a small island drifting by, and no one talks openly to anyone. It’s also a funny little drama about how mother’s differing love can cause unhealed cracks among her children. Allison Janney stated, “Donna” is the matriarch in the family. Eloise’s marriage is all she has, and it ends up causing her hatred for the other two children.

Kirsten Bell echoed the sentiment, “Alice & Paul are finally ready for washing the family’s dirty clothes in public,” she said. It doesn’t matter if the occasion is the stepsister’s wedding. It doesn’t matter that Eloise sees the wedding as a chance to create a family picture. Don’t be afraid: It’s great to see how everyone, even imperfectly, experiences a wonderful narrative that will help them grow and develop.

Claire Scanlon (director of Prime Video) stated that Invitati perforce was in some way a child of Covid. “During the pandemic we were all cooped up inside our homes. We often allowed our worst side to show how imperfect we all are when we get together.

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