Where was the film Wakanda Forever filmed?

Since its debut the film’s premiere, millions of viewers have been impressed by the stunning natural landscapes that form in the Kingdom of Wakanda in addition to numerous iconic scenes that can be observed all throughout the documentary. In this post we’ll tell you the locations where it was that the Marvel film was made.

Wakanda Forever was filming here

We should remember that the original movie’s plans were altered in August 2020, when the character in Black Panther, Chadwick Boseman died from colon cancer, which was fighting for a while. In light of his death, Marvel decided not to bring back the character of T’Challa character and gave the story a different twist. In the following days, it was announced that the other cast members from the initial film would appear in November of the year and the title was changed and it was announced in May 2021.

This change meant that production began from the end of June until the middle of November at Atlanta as well as Brunswick, Georgia, before the break was to let one of the main actors, Letitia Wright, to recuperate from an injury she suffered during the production of the sequel. The filming resumed in the middle of January 2022, and concluded at the end of the month of March Puerto Rico.

In this manner the production of Wakanda Forever was continued. This comprised the majority of the film shot with Green Screen and CGI digitization. The production started in Trilith Studio situated in Atlanta, Georgia and part of the film was produced at the Mary Ross Waterfront Park. The park is located in Brunswick as well as situated in Georgia. The other scenes were shot on The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, while certain scenes shot outdoors were on Puerto Rico.

The footage shot within the Puerto Rican country

The filming on Puerto Rico began at the beginning of February 2022 when the production moved into the island to conduct auditions for those who have physical features like those of Haitians. The reason for this is that several scenes in the film were shot as like they were from Haiti as well as Mexico.

Locations of the Puerto Rican country used in the film included: Las Palmas beach in Manati (scene of the characters Ramonda along with Namor); Punta Cibuco in Vega Baja and Hacienda Campo Rico in Carolina (scene of the beginnings for the two Nakia and Namor); the Hacienda Campo Rico in Carolina (scene Namor as well as Nakia) as well as The Institute of Puerto Rican Culture in Old San Juan (Scene in where the character of Nakia is shown) as well as Casa Elvira in Arecibo (Scene where Shuri’s character is seen in post credit scenes).

In addition, The Cosmic Circus also revealed earlier this calendar year Marvel Studios used the Ritz the Carlton Hotel and Casino to construct sets and utilize the interiors of the hotel to film.

The film finally came out. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever was released in the United States on November 11 2022 as part of the Phase Four of the UCM. In this sequel, we’ll be able to discover what changed in Wakanda and how this branch of the UCM continues to grow after Chadwick Boseman’s passing.


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