The producer for the BioShock movie believes it’s the perfect game to end the curse of cinemas based on video games

The iconic first-person shooter from the past will be able to make its way onto the big screen with the help by Francis Lawrence, director of Red Sparrow, The Hunger Games and I Am Legend.

Few games are as memorable as BioShock. It’s real that it was inspired from System Shock and its sequel (two iconic shooters that came out in the 90s) However, Ken Levine’s game allowed him to explore the concept of a utopian world while creating a high-quality gameplay.

The proof is in the fact that BioShock is more than a videogame. Its popularity has made it a brand, and it is currently in the 4th installment (without Levine) in development by Cloud Chamber.

Beyond the mystery of BioShock 4 game, it is time to bring the video game’s masterpiece for the screen. Netflix will make the film, which is expected to be released in 2023 or 2024.

The film is written by Francis Lawrence, responsible for dystopian movies like I Am Legend or The Hunger Games (he is currently working on a prequel to this film) and the well-known Red Sparrow. The script is written by Michael Green (Blade Runner 2049).

Can BioShock be able to make it into an excellent film and be worthy of the video game upon which it was the basis? Or will it be a victim of the mistakes of other adaptations of games?

BioShock is a game that has a chance of reviving an entire subgenre

the perfect game to end the curse of cinemas based on video games

The director of the adaptation, Francis Lawrence, has disclosed new information during an interview conducted by Collider’s Steve. And then the question that is most important whether BioShock be a huge success?

It’s always hard to anticipate what might take place when a film is that is based on the video game. Uwe Boll’s tapes are aside (sorry to Far Cry, Postal or The House of the Dead) In recent times, positive results have been observed in the versions to Sonic and Warcraft.

This is the same issue that comes up when we think on Super Mario: The Movie however, in this case there’s an incident from the past that doesn’t inspire optimism (the 1993 version that has nothing to do with have to do with the iconic Nintendo games).

“First off I believe that it’s one of the greatest games ever created. It’s also it’s among the best strikingly unique games ever produced. Another thing which is one thing that I always find appealing is the fact that it’s extremely thematic. There are actual ideas and philosophies that are the basis of the game. It’s extremely, very well thought-out.”

Lawrence is convinced that after BioShock things will change. He believes it’s an outstanding video game with many aspects and believes that there’s lots of material that can overcome “the trap”.

What’s the problem? It’s the one that comes with movies inspired by video games since the beginning of the world. BioShock strives to become a masterpiece and while doing so remain true to the original material.

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