The national premiere of film “La Otra Forma” the Festival Miradas Medellin opens

This is the 2nd time that the Miradas Medellin, Film and Audiovisual Arts Festival will be in the city. The festival will open and have its opening ceremony on November 23 in the Metropolitan Theater, at 7:00 p.m. It will be accompanied by the premiere film “La Otra Forma” which was directed made by Colombian filmmaker Diego Felipe Guzman. This film has been awarded numerous prizes at various festivals across the world, including the Best Animated feature film during the SITGES International Fantastic Film Festival in Catalonia The most prestigious of them all.

“It is a stunning and artistic film. it’s a sort of social dystopia in which every character has to utilize devices in their heads to make sense of society. it’s full of science-fiction that they are sure to be enthralled. They will interpret what the movie’s themes are as it’s being projected. It’s an incredible show that shouldn’t be missed. We’ll see you on the 23rd of April” The filmmaker of this film Diego Felipe Guzman.

The music for this film will be performed by youngsters and teenagers members of the Intermediate Orchestra of the Red de Musicas de Medellin, with a staged performance to allow the public to take in this cinematographic experience at first in the nation.

The same day, on November 26, in the Carlos Vieco Outdoor Theater at 6:15 p.m. Then, we’ll be hosting a special concert that will take place within the Miradas Festival, which is the event that Altered States will present in conjunction featuring the film Apocalipsur>>. This will let us continue to expand the festival and connect the arts with each other and bringing the audiovisual and music together, making a festival more enjoyable that will make us look. An initiative by the Social Director Diana Marcela Osorio, which will allow us to keep expanding the audiovisual experience in Medellin and examine ourselves and look at the world through the lens and lens “said that the secretary for culture Alvaro Narvaez.

In addition, reaching out to the territories, Miradas en la Cuadra will be continuing in this edition with films that are part of the Official Selection of Feature Films of which “La Roya” is a feature film made by Colombian director Juan Sebastian Mesa, which was released on the 10th of November; and Kings of the World, produced by Colombian director Laura Mora. They will be showing in communities 2 Santa Cruz, 5 Castilla 5 Castilla, 10 Candelaria and 80 San Antonio de Prado from November 24 through 27 November.

Miradas Medellin will have a diverse program that will include workshops and co-creation workshops for the film industry in addition to over 100 pieces of audiovisual pieces that is available in 20 locations including The Museum of Modern Art, Parque de Los Deseos, Centro Colombo Americano, Teatro Comfama Alfonso Restrepo and UVA’s ECREA Network and the Medellin Library System.

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