Netflix is streaming these 2022 Christmas films you can watch on the platform.

December is here, and so is Christmas, which is a holiday that is sought-after by millions across the globe. The festive season does not just fill homes with decorations like cribs, trees, and garlands. It also gives access to a huge selection of Christmas films on platforms for the content, which will be a constant favorite for families this season.

Netflix isn’t one of them. The most popular streaming service for subscriptions in the world, with over 223 million customers – released the following list of new items brimming with Christmas spirit to celebrate the end of the year.

Christmas hit

We will tell you about the new shows you can discover on the platform that allows you to spend your time off in December with your friends, family, and loved ones.

1. ‘Christmas hit.’

This film will not just allow viewers to relive the joy of Christmas. It will also give them a chance to experience one of the film return from actor Lindsay Lohan, who stars alongside Chord Overstreet (remembered for her character of Sam Evans in the series “Glee”), the Christmas-themed romantic comedy.

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In the movie, Lohan is portrayed as an erratic heiress who, in the weeks before Christmas is, taken charge of a widowed father and her daughter. The feature film is online.

2. “Christmas with you.”

Romantic comedy is a popular genre for this time of year. This year you will be able to enjoy an account of a popular singer who gets inspiration from the most unexpected places to make her next hit Christmas album. The film has performances from Aimee Garcia and Freddie Prinze Jr.

The production has been enabled on the platform. It was launched on November 17.

3. ‘Christmas deliveries’

Netflix has launched the comedy featuring Monika Frajczyk and Piotr Pacek. They present the story of the courier and her customer, racing against time to get all Christmas gifts to their recipients following a bout of attacks.

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The production on Netflix as its premier took place on December 6.

4. ‘Noel’s diary

The drama tells how a young woman tries to find her biological mother and comes across novelists who visit her childhood home at Christmas and discover in her files an old diary containing a variety of secrets. The film stars Justin Hartley, remembered for his part in the TV series “This is Us”; Barrett Doss and Essence Atkins.

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It’s available now on the streaming platform, just as it was launched on November 24.

5. ‘Scrooge: A Christmas Carol.’

The selection is only complete with a thrilling alternative that will win the hearts of children and old. Netflix offers the film “Scrooge: A Christmas Carol’ which tells the tale of the plightful Ebenezer Scrooge, who has only one chance to confront his past and secure the future. The film features the voices of actors of renown, including Jonathan Pryce, Olivia Colman, and Luke Evans.

The film has been available on the platform since December 2.

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