James Cameron is not worried about the possibility of a failure in Avatar 2

As per James Cameron himself, his new Pandora film, Avatar: The Way of Water will need to raise over a billion dollars in order to make it a viable investment in terms of commercial success for the 20th Century. Although the director has acknowledged that no film can guarantee the attention of the public, Cameron recently remarked that the movie he believes in is The Way of Water.

According to Variety When asked about the possibility of a loss on the set of Avatar: The Way of Water, Cameron assured that the film is not in danger of failing. would occur.

“I do not worry about it. I don’t think that anything that you do in your life should be influenced by naysayers or trolls. It’s up to you to decide where you feel it’s right,” said the director. “And you make it happen in a way, on your own. My tastes are generic as well as blue collar. They’re not particularly esoteric and are my personal tastes. If I enjoy my film I’m sure that people will enjoy my film. It’s really quite simple but in the end.”

Avatar: The Way of Water is set to follow The story about Jake Sully and Neytiri several years after the release of the first film and, along with amazing underwater scenes will tell a tale about family.

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