Diabolik Ginko on the attack!! Review

Diabolik Ginko on the attack!! The new chapter in the cinematic adventures a legendary character from the history of Italian comics is here. Along with all his supporting actors, the King of Terror is back on the big screen. This includes the eagerly awaited Altea di Vallemberg. However, it isn’t the only novelty: Diabolik has changed his appearance as he did so often in his albums, thanks to his extraordinary masks. Giacomo Gianniotti, who has assumed the role of Luca Marinelli’s baton, is now the protagonist of the saga. Let’s get to the review of Diabolik: Ginko on attack! Find out more about this adventure…

What is Diabolik? – Ginko on attack! ?

It was not necessary to show the origins of the character in the first chapter, but the status quo in his movements, but now the ground has been prepared. Although Eva Kant and Diabolik are still young, their encounter with Inspector Ginko has not been shaped by many years of fighting. However, there is a sense of familiarity. The threat of the Clerville Thief is now a real threat and not a myth.

Police are now focused on Diabolik’s capture and his trial and have plenty of movement. Diabolik and his partner, who are public enemies number one, must be captured. Ginko is determined, and this could be the time to end the fear surrounding Clerville

First, you need to create a compelling plot that can engage the reader, or in this instance, the viewer, when creating a Diabolik story. This is the same as a detective story except that it is reversed. Our hero, just like the previous one but not quite heroic and “generous with the dagger”, is now the criminal, and not the detective.

The public must be tricked and be drawn into a trap that is hard to unravel. We must be left speechless because we didn’t think of the solution at the end. Diabolik – Ginko is on the attack! Unfortunately, this is not the case. The film insists on the most important aspects, and constantly emphasizes them. When it comes to explaining, we already know everything. It is a flat film that deconstructs everything good about the film.

Diabolik Ginko on the attack review

We complained about stiffness in dialogues and acting in the first film. Now Diabolik – Ginko is on the attack! It is clear that this is, to all intents & purposes, a choice in style. It is intended to create a charged atmosphere that is cartoonish or “cartoonish” but also retro and in keeping with the setting.

Accepting this will allow you to begin to appreciate the Manetti Bros.’s work in directing the second adventure of King of Terror. Even from the opening credits, it is obvious that James Bond films were the inspiration. This character has much in common with Clerville’s anti-hero. These aspects are what make the film fall apart. The script and cast do not help to save it.

Giacomo Gianniotti is the new King of Terror interpreter. Although his performance is not exceptional, it’s still a solid one, thanks to the excellent physique of the role. The comics are able to see the look behind the black balaclava. Miriam Leone, who has a solid and successful Eva Kant, is also convincing.

She is the other side to justice that doesn’t work unfortunately. Valerio Mastandrea’s acting abilities cannot be denied, but we are still puzzled by the direction taken his Ginko by which, despite the film’s title, does not seem to be ready to “attack”. Monica Bellucci, on the other side, is extremely unnatural and set. This goes beyond what Altea’s character could need.

Although the first film was not convincing, it did show the potential of the character on the big screen. Diabolik – Ginko on attack! can’t get enough. Technically, it is a great film. However, it brings new criticisms to the problems of its predecessor. It starts with a script that isn’t up to standard.

It is difficult to know who to address. It is because, on one hand, it is a way of attracting the attention of passionate readers by referring to the Clerville thief’s first comic stories with a high level of fidelity. It also creates a plot anyone who is even slightly familiar with Diabolik can quickly decipher.

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