DC to abandon multiverse strategy for movies and TV series

DC Comics has historically used multiverse concepts more successfully than its Marvel counterparts. It is probably the only area where DC has outperformed Marvel. This was also a crucial part of the storytelling that DC introduced to live-action with The CW’s “Arrowverse”, a connected universe of superheroes that included Supergirl, Arrow, and The Flash. In recent years, feature films have also gotten into the action. Ezra Miller’s Flash appeared in “Crisis on Infinite Earths,” a multiverse journey and event hosted by The CW.

Fans believe that the DC multiverse as they have known it is in peril right now. The answer is in the statements made by Warner Bros.’ managing director. Discovery, David Zaslav.

In a recent interview, Zaslav stated that there won’t be “four Batmans” as part of a series interconnected DC Universe television and film projects. This comment was apparently made in reference to Walter’s “a little of everything” philosophy. Hamada. Robert Pattinson could have been Batman under previous management. Ben Affleck was the Dark Knight in the DC Universe films. Fans will see Michael Keaton’s Bat Man in The Flash. Titans features a Bruce Wayne/Batman version who is well-known for making cameos.

The animated versions, which seem to be Warner Bros. animations

Are best ignored. It’s not the Discovery philosophy to have more than one live-action Batman story going at once. Fox’s Gotham overlapped with Ben Affleck films. The CW is gearing for Gotham Knights. This story takes place immediately after Batman’s death.

Marvel’s TV and movie departments have served different executives for many years. Although Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD was set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (or so they claim), the Marvel/Netflix shows have never been able to use this connection to create the story. Some characters and concepts have been completely recast or redrawn since Kevin Feige took over Marvel TV.

Shortly after Zaslav arrived at Warner Bros., reports surfaced indicating a desire to closely follow Marvel’s strategies. He was searching for a “Kevin Feige” type for DC, and cast Guardians of the Galaxy veteran James Gunn with his partner Peter Safran. The latest round of comments suggests he may also be interested in tightening control over the role of alternate universes within DC’s plans.

It is interesting to note that while he has talked about the DC Universe, and a grand plan, Zaslav seems to have prioritized Joker: Folie a Deux, and The Batman 2. Neither of these films will be set in the “prime universe.” It’s possible that some fans are reading too much into comments. Fans of Superman & Lois cannot be too optimistic about the future after DC’s Legends of Tomorrow’s conclusion.

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