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How to Watch Black Panther: Wakanda Forever although it’s rare to see Marvel and DC films among online the nominations for the most prestigious Oscar films, and ignoring the special effects or technical categories, it’s fair to keep in mind this: Black Panther, the movie with Chadwick Boseman, received the highly sought-after nomination in the year 2019. However, Green Book ended up taking the prized statuette.

Marvel is hoping for the same thing with the sequel Black Panther: Wakanda Forever and has started its campaign to ensure that the Academy will be able to consider it when deciding the most prestigious film awards given every year. He has achieved this with a brand-new poster via his social networks, featuring actress Angela Bassett’s queen Ramonda as the main character and being accompanied by positive reviews from a variety of professional critics from various media.

The above message will not be a mystery: “For your consideration in every category, including the top image.” What do you think? Will Marvel be able to draw enough interest to get the Academy to think about Black Panther: Wakanda Forever once more? It’s not the first time we’ve had similar campaigns, though they’re usually advertised by the general public and not the creators, as was the case with the case of Spider-Man”No Way Home.

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Black Panther In 2019, the film was awarded six Oscar nods for best picture. The variations in the film’s original version and Black Panther: Wakanda Forever are notorious, particularly because of the tragic death of its main character, Chadwick Boseman, which forms the basis of the plot.

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Marvel Studios premiered on November 11 with a film they hope will be hugely successful in the final year of 2022: ‘Black Pandemic: Wakanda Forever. In the movie, a long-time familiar face from the cinematographic world gets introduced as Namor, who, while an antagonist for a significant portion of the film, has created a lasting impression on the general public. This is the reason why a film that is a single film featuring Namor is being called out, which is not possible per Marvel.

Nate Moore, producer of “Wakanda forever,” has said that Namor could return in subsequent Marvel world films, but he is not the main character of a single production. The reason for this is what’s happening when it comes to another historical character, such as the Hulk, which is being loaned from Universal Pictures.

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Moore has been speaking about the media ‘The Wrap and explained that the contract for licensing rights for comic book characters that they entered into together with Universal Pictures prevents any film that features the iconic character. “Namor is only able to appear in promotional materials provided it’s the poster or toy collection, and he is not able to create a standalone film within the MCU,” he has said.

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“Honestly, the impact of this is more so in how we present the film and how we incorporate him into the film. There weren’t any things we couldn’t have done with him as a person. That’s great because we took many ideas from the movie. Original material, however, we also made a few major adjustments to make it fit into this world with the authenticity that the creators could not achieve,” he explained in the context of ‘Black Panther.

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One of the biggest achievements in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is the official portrayal of such a significant character within Marvel Comics in the form of Namor, Violent Night in this instance as played by the Mexican actor Tenoch Huerta. In addition to his impressive portrayal, Huerta presents an alternative Namor in a version that is an authentic and deep background. This has led many fans to desire a movie featuring Namor in its main character’s role. However, there’s negative news. As with the Hulk, the rights to the surface are owned by Universal Pictures, and they can only be part of the UCM as minor characters.

The director of Black Panther confirms this: Wakanda Forever, Nate Moore, in statements gathered by The Wrap in which Moore has stated that Namor will indeed return to the UCM but not in the form of a solo movie, as such, as in the case of Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk and the Hulk, they are characters who are loaned to Universal Pictures:

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“Honestly, it’s more on how we promote the film rather than the way we utilize it in the film. There wasn’t anything we couldn’t accomplish with Namor’s character, which is great because we drew a lot of inspiration from the source material. Still, we made major changes to put him to the present with an authenticity that the publisher could not attain.” The film’s producer and director explain why they cannot use Namor as the main character.

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Remember when Marvel sold rights to many of its characters during the 1990s to protect the company from bankruptcy? Characters such as the Hulk, Namor, the X-Men, or Spider-Man fell into the hands of third-party. With the MCU transformed into a profit-making machine, the company can sign agreements to use the characters or buy other companies to get complete control, which is the instance for Fox’s mutants.

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