“Avatar: The Way Of Water” Review James Cameron is back in 3D

Avatar: The Way Of Water review it seemed like 3D was the only way forward for commercial cinema after the phenomenal success of Avatar in 2009. The present of 2022 is gray. There are no theaters that survived the pandemic and many exhibition chains have gone bankrupt. Meanwhile, the public watches streaming videos on their devices. With 3D technology in retirement, will the sequel to a movie that was released 13 years ago be able bring people back to theaters? From what we saw in the Madrid preview of Avatar The Way Of Water, it seems so.

Theaters must offer an experience you can’t have at home. Only romantics such as Tom Cruise and his efforts in releasing Top Gun: Maverick to theaters support this idea. The result of James Cameron’s slow journey back to Pandora is also spectacular.

Avatar The Way Of Water review

The projected 15 minutes of 3D of Avatar The Way Of Water promise underwater images that will allow you to fully immerse yourself in the oceans and rivers of Pandora. Cameron uses depth of field to show different seabed planes with a sharper image than the original Avatar. This remastered version will be available in 4K on September 30.

Jon Landau, Cameron’s collaborator since Titanic was launched, shared some technical details of the film during the presentation. The project was projected at 48 frames per seconds. In the early days of talkies, 24 frames per second was the standard. This was the lowest frame rate that could not be used without causing sound distortions. It also saved film. However, it did not take into consideration the human brain. We don’t want to see the 3D movement distortions, so the action scenes are shot at 48 frames per second. It doesn’t make sense to do it in close-ups.

There will be a few more sequels, but it will take some time for them to appear on platforms.

Landau explains why the sequel took so long to arrive. We knew we wanted more than one sequel. Production has not started until all four scripts are approved. If the forecasts are accurate, films will be arriving at a rate one per two years up to 2028. Landau also stated that they won’t arrive at Disney + in “in 30 days”. “We have made that commitment to Disney that the movie won’t be on the platform anytime soon. It’s a movie that is meant for big screens, and we have the same commitment to our fans.”

Because of its aquatic scenes, the film was a technical challenge. Landau says, “We didn’t want to film until we had the technology to capture the performances of the actors underwater. We wanted it to be realistic.”

The trailer does not reveal much about the plot. Neytiri (Zoe Saldana), and Jake Sully, (Sam Worthington), have begun a family and are now at risk from an old threat. The plot does not appear to be breaking the mould, nor does it depart from the simple message of the original film (environmentalism and the greed of human beings in the face nature). However, we know that it will display the same James Cameron mastery for the action scenes that will look spectacular this time.

This sneak peek was not released in theaters during Doctor Strange: The Multiverse of Madness on Thursday, but it did hit YouTube and Twitter Monday, making it a popular trend in just 40 minutes.

Already, the trailer has been viewed more than a million times on Twitter and 4.5 millions on YouTube.

The tape will include Jake Sully’s return and Na’vi Neytiri’s search for safety.

Avatar: The Way Of Water will be shown on the big screen in December, ten years after Avatar.

James Cameron’s film, “The Greatest Movie Ever Made”, grossed $2.8 billion worldwide.

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